Why we’re always looking for more people we can help.

As the Founder at MOBE, I get a lot of questions:

“What is the MOBE program about?”

“How will coaching help me?”

“What does the name MOBE mean?” (Don’t worry! We’ll get to that.)

But the most important question I hear is: “How did you find me?

If you’ve recently received communication inviting you to learn about our program, you probably have this question too, even as you explore whether you’d benefit from a relationship with us.

You might not expect this answer: “I may have been looking for you for a very long time.

I’d like to share some of my personal story to explain what I mean.

Long before I launched my career in healthcare, I worried about friends and family who struggled with health problems that just didn’t seem to go away. I have two sisters whose health had followed a frustrating course, and I grew more and more discouraged that I couldn’t help them.

After serving in the military, my career led me to serve as an executive at one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies. My specialty was analyzing “big data”. That means that I was trained to look for patterns hidden in huge quantities of information like the kind found in health insurance claims.

I started noticing something: There was a group of members who seemed to have more health challenges than average. But they weren’t served well by the “condition-oriented” support programs we offered. These members had access to the best doctors and health services, but their problems weren’t being solved.

When I spoke with the doctors delivering treatment and care, the most common response was that people in this group were suffering from chronic pain. I pushed further to see what kind of programming might help this group, but no one could seem to agree on the best approach.

I left that phase of my career determined to someday find the right collaborators to build what I thought would work.

Fast-forward a number of years later when I met a forward-thinking CEO of a pharmaceutical company looking for solutions to other health issues. A small group of us was working together to refine a model that could accurately identify people who were at risk for long-term treatment failure—even in the face of reasonable medical care. We continued to see an uncanny number of common themes with the group I had studied earlier in my career. Their treatments were often causing them more health problems than the conditions they were being treated for.

That’s when we committed our new company, MOBE, to the task of finding and helping these people.

The results? The data show that it’s working, and so do responses from people whose lives we’ve helped change. Now, after the questions are answered, and we’re engaged with the people who say “yes,” here is what I am hearing:

“My MOBE coach is a godsend; I’ve learned so much about how to integrate mind and body.”

“I was skeptical, but I’m so glad I said yes when MOBE called.”

The reality is that our health system is great at diagnosing, prescribing and treating. But it’s not set up to help people with chronic conditions manage day-to-day life.

And that’s where our company, and our name, come in. Because MOre BEing is what our company stands for. I hope we can help you be more of who you really are in the coming weeks and months.

Gino Tenace
Founder, MOBE