Living wisely

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”


I am grateful for my friend, Tino, who is a constant reminder that life is a precious gift, no matter the hardships, even in death. His father recently passed at the age of 93 following an accident on a golf course.

When I called to offer Tino my condolences, he had the courage to have the smile in his voice that he always has, and with his unique little laugh, he said, “Ahh, he was old and had a good run.” I know the love that Tino has for his dad, and the appreciation he has for the life they had together. Although I never met Tino’s dad, I can imagine through the example of his son that he indeed lived life wisely.

I recently read the autobiography of Gandhi. He writes about his belief that, no matter how insignificant or powerless we may feel ourselves to be, the decisions about how to live our lives matter, and we have the power to make those decisions conform to what we believe is right.

With MOBE, we try to help our participants understand the power they have to live the lives they want, to not be controlled by the grip of pain or ill health or even their relationship with the community around them. While I believe that matters for the people we have the privilege of working with, I still struggle in my own life with some of those same issues; I struggle with living my own life wisely. I am thankful for my own Guide, Tino, for showing me every day, in his personal example, a better path for living.