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Guiding people to better health and more happiness.

MOBE® works with health insurance companies and large employers across the U.S. to deliver innovative guided health solutions that strengthen the vital link between personal health and healthcare. Our success is based on the ability to improve health outcomes without adding any additional costs to the healthcare industry.

We work with people who may not be getting the health results they want. These members have chronic issues that can have a significant impact on their daily lives, and as a result they end up using the healthcare system more often in search of relief. Until now, health plans only offered additional services to help people who hit a certain spend threshold with serious or complex conditions. We make it possible to reach more people who need extra support and attention, offering tailored solutions based on self-management to get them feeling better.

MOBE puts people in control of their health with the help of a MOBE Guide. To learn more, watch now.

MOBE services

We combine the principles of self-management with a tailored, one-to-one coaching model to help individuals manage chronic conditions, pain, stress and anxiety, recover from injuries and optimize medications. This self-management approach to care is recommended by the National Institutes of Health to address chronic conditions.

At the center of our services is a one-to-one relationship with a professionally trained, dedicated MOBE Guide. MOBE Guides come from a variety of medical backgrounds and specialties and are able to help your members with their individual needs.

We don’t diagnose or treat but we give your members the personalized attention, education and support they need to manage their health with confidence. Our services complement the care your members receive from their doctors, while helping them make better choices and improve health outcomes.

What our clients say.

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This is one of the most innovative programs I have worked on…the MOBE team is very collaborative and helpful. We have appreciated the partnership to improve the quality of life for our members suffering with chronic pain.”
— Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Chief Medical Officer, Capital BlueCross

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Our goal always is to make healthcare work better for all of our members. And for this population, making it work better means learning to use it in healthy ways…MOBE shares in our belief of meeting people where they are and our passion for improving people’s health through innovative solutions.”
— John Espinola, MD and Executive Vice President, Premera

Individual results.
Real savings.

At MOBE, we’re on a mission to guide people to better health and more happiness. Our guided health solutions improve the health and quality of life for members who could benefit from personalized health coaching, and as a result, reduce healthcare costs. We guarantee it.

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Three or four months into working with MOBE, everything turned around. I realized I didn’t need my pain medication as often and soon I was off it completely.”—Colleen, daily pain medication.

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The pain is gone, and it’s because of MOBE. I have a clearer sense of self-worth. This is now a way of life.”—Terry, pain, stress and coping with post-surgery recovery.

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Working with MOBE has helped in all aspects of my life. I know if I can push myself forward just an inch today, maybe I can go two inches tomorrow”—Matthew, recovering from severe spinal injury.

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MOBE works because there’s someone holding you accountable.”—Jeff, suffers from social anxiety.

To learn more contact Eric Hamborg.

email or 612-504-1778

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