Sharon’s Story: “I feel happier. I feel lighter.” | MOBE

Sharon’s Story: “I feel happier. I feel lighter.”

Recent years brought tough times for Sharon and her kids. During it all, Sharon was the glue that held everything together. But she was so busy taking care of everyone else, she had no time to prioritize her own health.

Just trying to manage it all.

Everything happening in Sharon’s life was taking a physical and mental toll. Her blood pressure and cholesterol were high. Stress led to inflammation in her joints that made it painful to walk. Herniated, bulging discs and a pinched nerve caused Sharon even more pain and left her unable to use one leg. She was depressed, out of shape, and having a hard time managing her life.

Sharon began to find relief from the physical pain with physical therapy and an epidural of steroids. She still felt weak but as things settled down, she was ready to focus on getting her health, and life, back on track. Then she got a postcard from MOBE. It was perfect timing.

Learning how to make changes with a MOBE Guide.

Sharon and her MOBE Guide Veronica connected right away.

“She not only listened to what I had to say, she specifically addressed exactly what my needs were,” Sharon explained. They worked a lot in the MOBE Health Guide app, where Veronica shared videos, articles, and insights from other people with experiences like Sharon’s. These "nuggets of knowledge" were important and being able to keep them in one place meant Sharon didn’t have to spend time searching Google for things that resonated. Sharon had tried other things in the past, but MOBE felt different—she and Veronica developed a friendship that kept Sharon accountable.

"I could think of a million excuses about why I can't call or don't have time to go out to meet someone, but I couldn't think of a single excuse why I couldn't pick up the phone when she called me to see how I was doing and to help me set goals...She was just so empathetic and knowledgeable," Sharon said.

Choosing the right goals and finding motivation.

Veronica encouraged Sharon to get back to a yoga class. They talked a lot about setting small, achievable goals that work up to bigger goals. Sharon decided that even if she couldn’t do all the poses, she could attend a class—just get to the yoga mat—and that would be her first goal. She wouldn't allow herself to be intimidated.

Sharon has what she calls a "huge appetite for knowledge,” and she used it to find her “why,” her reason for exercise. She wasn’t motivated by changing her looks. When Veronica shared information about how exercise benefits the brain, Sharon realized that was the motivation she was looking for—she was very interested in keeping her brain healthy.

In addition to her overall why, Veronica helped Sharon shift her thinking about physical activity. She realized that if she likes what she’s doing, she’s more likely to do it. Now, Sharon has long phone chats with a friend who lives far away while they both walk. It's rewarding on so many levels. She practices yoga five days a week, and instead of happy hour with a glass of wine every Friday, she goes to a yoga class.

I feel happier. I feel lighter. I feel less burdened. I feel like I’m going in the right direction, and I can continue to do this for the rest of my life.

Manifesting the good stuff—remarkable cholesterol results and more.

Not only can Sharon do all the yoga poses now, but she has lost 15 pounds and has gained more energy. She feels stronger, the inflammation is mostly gone, and she's relatively pain-free. In just six months and without medication, her blood pressure normalized, and her overall cholesterol dropped over 30 points.

Sharon also made some significant changes that helped reduce the amount of stress in her life. She feels like she can handle the stress she does have more easily now, too. She continues to eat healthily and is grateful for a program that recognizes how everything about health and well-being is connected.

I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. It’s the completeness. It’s the fact that EVERYTHING matters. Stress matters. How you eat matters. What you do matters. How you think about things matters.

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