Delivering Lasting Relief from Chronic Pain

If you find yourself living in constant pain, stomach issues, migraines, lower back pain, stemming from a variety of medical conditions – you are not alone.

More than 100 million Americans are living in chronic pain, which is more than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. It’s become a national problem and living with it can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Beyond the persistent pain itself, there are all the related activities of life that are still necessary to manage – from social to work to home – leaving your own physical and emotional well-being last on the list.

This where MOBE comes in.

Rather than trying to problem solve on your own, or figure out what is worth your time and effort, our MOBE Guides are your partners on the journey. They come with extensive knowledge of how the body works, how our brains and bodies work together, and how our relationship to medicine and also our environment can impact our overall health.

Our Guides also help bridge the understanding of why these basic principles are important to our overall well-being. You may know or believe these are true – but what does that actually mean on an individual level. For you.

“Things just spiraled, from chronic pain to weight gain and type II diabetes. It got so frustrating. You start to feel powerless—just moving seemed to make my pain worse. I was on so many meds and I was always tired. Working with Mark, my MOBE Guide, was the first real breakthrough I had. He challenged a lot of the things I’d come to accept, showing me how my expectations were actually all wrong. Within a month, I was getting a handle on my blood sugars and my weight. I lost eight pounds! I started sleeping better and my energy returned—I never imagined this was even possible. Finally, it feels like I have some momentum. And relief.”

– Melody, 40 year old marketing executive

image of a woman with chronic pain holding a toddler on her shoulders

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