In 2023, believe in the power of human potential. | MOBE

In 2023, believe in the power of human potential.

By: Mike Ott, CEO

When I reflect on the last seven months as the CEO of MOBE, one of our company’s guiding principles, to “believe in the power of human potential” emerges as an important theme. This philosophy continues to resurface in my leadership of MOBE employees, in our mission to help people on their personal path to health and happiness, and even in my role as a dad.

First, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the number of MOBE employees committed to driving change and creating growth. While I’ve learned something from every person I’ve met, I’ve also observed their openness to new ways of thinking and evolving. I can feel the energy when walking through our halls and am inspired to contribute to its momentum every day.

At MOBE, you don’t have to look far to find the power of human potential. We see it every day in the stories of people using our one-to-one model of support to change their lives through movement, stress reduction, medication management, better sleep, and nutrition. I am amazed by our participant’s belief in their potential and their dedication to daily improvement. Everyone needs support to accomplish their goals, and I’m honored to advocate for the ways in which MOBE helps people become their healthiest, happiest self.

Lastly, the ways in which I show up as a dad are reminiscent of the ways in which I lead. I like to “give people the keys” because I believe in their potential. I’m always there to consult, coach, and support, but I also know that true leadership elevates the strengths of talented individuals to form a high-performing, engaged team.

I’m looking forward to a strong year ahead, fueled by my personal mission to align, focus, and accelerate this organization of committed employees and a solution that changes lives. In 2022, we’ve exceeded our goals for the clients we serve, created a phenomenal team of hardworking, innovative thinkers, and have enhanced our organization in significant ways. I’m seeing more purposeful, cohesive growth than ever before, evident in the expanding list of clients we’re honored to serve. I can’t wait to continue the journey in 2023 and invite you all to join me as we root for the power of human potential in the new year.