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Welcome to a
whole-you approach
to your well-being.

Everything about your health—your diet, sleep habits, movement level, emotional well-being, and medications—is connected. Make small changes in one area and it can affect the others.

MOBE can help you bring all the pieces together for a better big picture.

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Fight the good fight for better health and more happiness.

Your MOBE Guide and Pharmacist are dedicated to supporting you with a whole-person approach. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of home. Custom health guidance from MOBE is available as part of the Renown Health employee well-being program. Renown Health employees, spouses, and adult dependents covered by the Employee Health Plan are eligible to participate.

Who is a MOBE Guide?

MOBE Guides are experienced health professionals from a variety of backgrounds, dedicated to helping you feel your best.

  • They can chat with you by phone or through the MOBE Health Guide app.
  • They handpick videos, articles, and more that are relevant to your exact needs.
  • They offer one-to-one support and will get to know you and your unique needs.
  • They’re also an accountability partner, keeping you on track to reach the goals that matter to you.
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There are so many tools out there for us, for wellness. But you don't have an actual human connection, and I feel like the human connection here is what makes MOBE so special.”

Katie, MOBE participant

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This experience has been wonderful. My MOBE Guide, Jordana, is an awesome person. She's optimistic and kind. She really does keep me motivated! I can tell she cares about me.”

Tiffany, MOBE participant

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