Mobe | 5 surprising ways to reach your goals

5 surprising ways to reach your goals

1. Set process goals more than outcome goals.
Process goals break the big prize down into achievable, measurable actions. Think about the difference between "I want to lose 20 pounds" and "I am going to have only fruit for dessert this week."

2. Choose between be good and get better.
Being healthy doesn’t always mean you need to establish a new habit. It may mean you want to get better at something you already do. For example, if you already go on a walk, your “get better” goal could be to make the walk longer. If you don’t go on walks but want to, that would be a “be-good” goal.

3. Program your brain with an "if-then" solution.
Try tying your goals to a situation. If you want to get in more exercise, tell yourself the night before, "If I wake up at 6 am, then I will go for a 45-minute walk."

4. Go for a range rather than a set target.
In order to make your goals challenging, but also achievable, try setting a "high-low" range. For example, I want to meditate three to five times this week.

5. Visualize your process.
Picture each step toward your goal to make it feel attainable and manageable. When you believe you'll succeed, you put in more effort.

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