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Colleen’s story: “This is about me healing me.”

Before MOBE, Colleen was always looking for healing and help outside of herself. She struggled with her weight. Her pain was so consuming she was practically immobile, and the medication she took every day gave her headaches and stomach problems. She couldn’t put on her own socks and shoes, let alone help with the housework. Her husband handled both of those tasks, among many others. Throughout her struggles, she kept returning to doctors, medications and weight loss programs, hoping to land on the one that finally worked for her.

Making the first call.

When she first heard about MOBE, she figured it was too good to be true. In making that first call to her Guide Jeremiah, she said up front:

I’ve lost weight and gained it back. I’ve tried just about everything I can to feel better. I’m willing to work with you - but good luck.”

This isn’t a program for weight loss, he told her. He wasn’t going to give her a list of rules, either. Instead, Jeremiah and Colleen talked about ways to deal with her pain, and one of the techniques they discussed was visualization. "It helped with my pain right away," Colleen says. "I visualize myself as a healthy tree, with water, strength and nourishment coming up through my legs — the light coming down on my body as I reach up to the sky." With that simple exercise, she started feeling better. Even more, she started to grasp the power she had to take control of her health. Her curiosity was also piqued.

The more she talked with Jeremiah, the more she wanted to know. And that led to doing more research on her own, digging into the topics they discussed and learning how the choices she made affected how she felt. She learned about the relationship between food and inflammation in the body. She learned about moving her body in ways that would help her feel better, a little at a time. And she started taking care of her body when it was in pain, rather than just taking a pill.

Taking charge of her health and healing.

One day, after over a year of working with Jeremiah, Colleen decided to clean the house.

"I started in the morning and worked through the afternoon," she says. "When I got tired, I visualized my healthy trees, and I'd tell myself to just keep going for another hour."

Cleaning the house might sound like a small win, but Colleen says it's something she never would have done before MOBE. She's lost 35 pounds – not by dieting or exercise, but because of the changes she's making in her overall lifestyle and eating habits. She can bend over, she can lift up her leg and touch her toes, and she can put on her own socks and shoes.

When I started working with MOBE, it all turned around. MOBE taught me to teach myself what I need. It's about me healing me, and I can't tell you what a blessing it's been in my life.”

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