Mobe | Introducing Utilize Health

Introducing Utilize Health

Navigating health care options, appointments, providers and therapies can be challenging for anyone. But for those who living with or recently diagnosed with complex neurological conditions, it can be even more difficult. It helps to have the support of someone who already knows the way, and that’s why we’re launching a new partnership with Utilize Health.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Utilize Health was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping people with complex neurological conditions navigate their course of care. Founder Jessica Harthcock experienced a spinal cord injury with paralysis in 2004. Despite her doctor’s prediction that she would never walk again, she made a full recovery. Throughout that intense period, she was also scheduling appointments, researching treatments, dealing with insurance companies and being a student. Jessica’s outcome was the best one possible, and it left her determined to help make the process easier for others.

What’s the MOBE-Utilize Health connection?

At MOBE, we take a personalized approach to helping more people in more ways. It starts with understanding and appreciating each person’s unique health situation. As Jessica’s experience reminds us, sometimes people aren’t ready to focus on self-management and they need a completely different form of support.

Utilize Health provides care coordination resources that can help patients with neurological conditions focus on their health and recovery—first. They provide digital tools and concierge services that help patients discover treatment options and identify facilities providing those services.

At Utilize Health, Patient Advocates assist with health, social and environmental needs, making it easier for patients to focus on the work of recovery. When those patients are in a better place to benefit from self-management, Utilize Health serves as a bridge to accessing MOBE guided health solutions.

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Who is Utilize Health?

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