It’s winter: don’t hibernate, explore!

Between busy holiday nights and cold wintry days, it can be challenging to find time for healthy habits. This guest post by Emily, a MOBE Guide, invites us to explore the possibilities of winter in several new ways.

Bundle yourself in scarves and knitted hats because the colder, shorter days of winter are here. It’s tough enough to make new, healthy habits and it becomes more challenging when you experience seasonal changes like the weather. Many of our favorite activities like golfing and gardening seem implausible during these frigid months. But putting the golf clubs in storage or setting that trowel on the shelf without finding a winter replacement may harm your physical and mental health.

The exciting news is that this is a perfect time to catch up on other favorite activities or pick up something new! While your outdoor garden is dormant, use the time to read more about a different veggie you want to plant in the upcoming growing season. When the golf course appears to be a tundra, meet your foursome at the local recreation center for a friendly game of racquetball.

Now, these are only two examples and maybe you’re starting to wonder what you can do. Keep your mind sharp and try puzzles, knitting, playing an instrument, or a free online course. Tend to your body and try walking inside at the mall, marching in place while watching your favorite TV show, stretching while listening to relaxing tunes, or swimming in an indoor pool. The options are truly endless.

The best part about discovering how to stay active in mind and body during winter is that you get to be creative. Be curious. There is no right or wrong, only what feels best for you. Find an activity that fuels your passions and take time to explore it deeper. Remember, you can own your health. Even Old Man Winter can’t stop you!

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