Jeff’s story: “I’m in such a better place now.”

Living with social anxiety is the same thing as living with chronic, debilitating pain. That's how Jeff describes it. He thought MOBE had nothing new to offer him – but the gift card offer he received to try the program seemed worth it.

Even after the first call with Molly, his MOBE Guide, Jeff wasn't sure what the program could do for him. But by the second call he was 'hooked'. Molly and Jeff spent the first few months focused on Jeff's social anxiety, and she helped him learn strategies to cope with a demanding schedule of public events for work. He realized that their regular talks were having an impact.

We talk for about 20 minutes and that's just enough time to bring a topic to my consciousness. We might resolve an issue or two and then just put it to bed.”

What makes MOBE different, Jeff says, is having someone to hold you accountable. And he knows something about accountability because in his spare time Jeff writes a personal blog about his struggles and health challenges. His words ring true with a variety of readers who recognize their own problems with alcohol, eating, or different types of addiction.

The MOBE program would work for anyone who's motivated to improve a part of their life. If there's anything you care about working on, it's certainly worth spending 20 minutes a week talking with someone who's likely going to give you some ideas and strategies for it.”

That's exactly what he found with his Guide. "Molly is warm and a great conversationalist," he says. "I'm in such a better place now, thanks to MOBE."

A note from MOBE.

Jeff told us we’re welcome to share his blog with you. He writes about all sorts of personal topics, including why he first called MOBE and working with his MOBE Guide. We invite you to visit these posts about his MOBE journey:

The Gift Card


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