MOBE | MOBE joins other health care innovators for on-demand care…

MOBE joins other health care innovators for on-demand care symposium

From January 21-23, Eric Hamborg, MOBE Chief Customer and Revenue Officer, joined thought leaders in Florida for the 11th Annual ConvUrgentCare On-Demand Strategy Symposium put on by Merchant Medicine. The symposium focused on innovative practices when it comes to on-demand care.

"This symposium is where people come to hear about the future of on-demand medicine," said Tom Charland, founder and CEO of Merchant Medicine. "We started it as a test in Minneapolis January 2008, looking at the future of retail clinics and urgent care. We figured if people show up in the Twin Cities during the coldest time of year, we must have something of value."

Each of the 150 executives that gathered are well-aware that the landscape for health care is changing. It’s now a consumers’ market, and the more that companies start treating health care with a retail and hospitality mindset, the more effective they will be–both from a consumer and payer point of view.

“It was the general consensus at the symposium that what is happening in health care today is not actually helping the population enough. I think we will see more companies placing value on making sure what they offer will actually help people. MOBE believes so strongly in our self-management approach that we take the financial risk, and, without adding any cost to the system,” said Hamborg. “There’s a lot of interest in helping reduce utilization and redundancy while actually providing better care for consumers.”

Although this symposium is a meeting of innovators, it’s been carefully crafted to look at differentiating yet attainable change in the next five to ten years.

"It's not a conference that makes crazy predictions about the future of healthcare as some futurist meeting do," said Charland. "It's more a matter of looking at the most recent trends and vectoring those out five years. This inspires people to do strategic planning on more solid ground, yet at the same time really push the envelope and achieve competitive advantage."

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