Terry’s story: “Self-care is now a way of life.”

Terry wasn't interested in MOBE.

It was early summer and she was still recovering from recent gall bladder surgery. Because of complications, she was in a lot of pain. Positive changes were happening too, like a workplace move that she was excited about. There was enough going on in her life, and plenty of other people to take care of. The last thing she felt like doing was spending time on the phone with a stranger to learn about self-management.

It took two phone calls from MOBE and some encouragement from her husband before Terry decided to give MOBE a try.

She was surprised and encouraged by what she describes as "an instant connection" when she started working with her Guide, Maria. "We just clicked," she says.

A custom approach with personal support.

Like everyone who participates in MOBE Guided Health Solutions, Terry's experience was customized to her unique situation. The first thing she needed from Maria was support - someone to listen to what she was going through at work and with her health. In their weekly phone calls, Maria did just that. She also gave her ideas for breathing and relaxation techniques to help with the painful recovery of her surgery, and provided a space where she could talk through the challenges and changes at work.

As she continued with MOBE, Terry could see herself in the stories Maria told about self-management and how to find a healthy balance across all aspects of life. It was a continual process of listening, learning, and becoming more aware of the control she truly had in her daily life. She learned it was okay to take time for herself.

Three months into working with Maria, Terry was hospitalized for severe high blood pressure. When doctors discovered spots on Terry's liver and pancreas, Maria helped her stay positive in anticipation of the test results. They celebrated together when the tests came back benign. Terry continued her journey with MOBE, backed by the affirming experience of the program's messages.

A new lifestyle of self-care.

After just six months with MOBE, Terry felt like a different person. She was learning how to make herself a priority, not as a special circumstance but a way of life.

Today, she stretches regularly and shares her new stress reduction techniques with her husband. Instead of relying on fast food places close to her office, she takes her lunch to work because she sees the connection between food choices and the way her body feels. She's even in a book club - something she wouldn't have made time for a year ago.

She's in awe of how MOBE works and says:

The pain is gone, and it's because of MOBE. I have a clearer sense of self-worth. This is now a way of life.”

Her advice to anyone considering the program is, "Invest your time in MOBE and you'll never regret it."

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