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Proven experience, real-world insights

Healthcare is a complex, evolving industry that affects the quality of individual lives in infinite ways. That’s why our leadership team is composed of people with extensive backgrounds in global healthcare systems, private medical practices, pharmaceuticals, finance and data analytics. So our company as a whole can better understand the real factors that affect real people, as well as the science and data that enable real solutions.

Mark Evenstad
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Robbie Soskin
Jeff Warren
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Cronin
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Hamborg
Chief Customer Officer
Brian Senger
General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer
Travis Hoyt
Executive Vice President Analytics and Insurance Operations
Rikki Goldenberg
Senior Vice President, Guided Health Operations
Anne Denato
Vice President of Marketing
Andrea Patten
Vice President Human Resources
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