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Sarah’s Story: Getting Back on Track

Feeling like she had lost her spark due to stress and back pain, Sarah was searching for a light—something that marked the trail leading out of the slump she’d been in.

Navigating uncharted waters.

Having been a medical assistant for almost 11 years, Sarah completely changed direction and went into Information Technology (IT). The nature of her work had been overwhelming her, and the professional change was the start of a series of decisions she’d make to reduce stress and better her own health and well-being. Compounding the situation were changes in her personal life and a struggle with lower back pain. “I was just lost in the dark. I wasn’t sure which direction to take or where to start or what to do,” she said. She needed motivation, validation, and new strategies to cope with the extreme circumstances of her life at the time.

A relationship to facilitate change.

The search for the right help ended after Sarah’s first call with her MOBE Guide Kimberlyn. They connected effortlessly and because of that, Kimberlyn knew just how much of a push Sarah needed to focus, set, and work on her goals. Sarah appreciated having someone outside of her immediate circle helping her take control of her health. “It’s hard sometimes when you have friends and family who’ll just tell you what you want to hear, not necessarily what you need to hear,” said Sarah. Her connection with Kimberlyn made her feel like someone was looking out for her. It led Sarah to make more decisions to change small parts of her lifestyle to benefit her overall well-being.

New ideas and perspective.

Sarah learned how her diet impacted her back pain and stress level. Kimberlyn sent “some of the greatest articles” to Sarah on the MOBE Health Guide app. They were always “quick, little reads” that gave her insight about things she wondered about, like which foods would affect her muscles and cause flare-ups. “It was like she was reading my mind without me having to say anything,” said Sarah.

Sarah also developed an exercise and sleep routine, plus she rediscovered the importance of having structure in her daily life. “Kimberlyn gave me ideas and helped reignite the flame that I felt almost had been diminished,” she said. Kimberlyn encouraged her to become adaptive and to overcome little challenges. For example, when Sarah’s gym was shut down, she bought a 10-pound bag of potatoes to use as weights for at-home exercises. She’s implementing strategies Kimberlyn has taught her, confidently setting up her future self for better health.

I want to take care of myself now so I can have a long and healthy life and not have to worry about a lot of medical issues when I’m older.

Between conversations over the phone and chats on the MOBE Health Guide app, Kimberlyn helped Sarah gain a new perspective by validating her feelings, focusing on positivity, and encouraging her to consistently “crush” the goals they’d set. Sarah grew to understand that it’s okay to not be okay, how to get out of the negative spaces in her head, and how to hold herself accountable. She’s found tools—simple things that have positively impacted her overall well-being such as writing in an interactive journal that tracks weight loss, mood, water intake, and more.

Unlike anything else.

The benefits Sarah feels she’s gotten from MOBE are head and shoulders above other wellness programs she’s been offered. She regularly encourages others to try MOBE and begin their own journey toward loving life and getting back on track for better health. “You’ve just got to take that leap, just jump in with both feet in the water. Tiptoe in if you must. It’s 30 minutes a week or every two weeks, and you get all this information and positivity. It really can change your life,” Sarah said.

Using MOBE, I have this private connection with somebody who listens to me. She sends me things that I need. If I ever have concerns, I get this information. I get this feedback. It’s changing me as a person. It’s helping me.

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