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The Right Questions Can Lead You to the Best Results

Your well-being programs can boost health outcomes for your employees—and business outcomes for your company. How? It begins and ends with data.

Positive health outcomes lead to positive business outcomes. Learn how to achieve both. Start by asking your well-being vendor these four questions. What's the first step? Consider whole-person health, rather than focusing on specific conditions. Then, use applied data science, along with effective engagement strategies, to significantly increase participation rates.

Discover the next steps and frame up your conversation with your vendor with these helpful questions.

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Data Science and Predictive Analytics

At MOBE, we use advanced data science and predictive analytics to find people who often go overlooked. In addition to their health conditions, we focus on health behaviors—giving us a better understanding of each person’s unique situation.

Download: 2021 Workplace Wellness Action Index

Employer perceptions aren’t always aligned with employee health needs. In this report, you’ll read about today’s biggest health-related challenges employees are facing, and how employers are planning to support them in the year ahead.

In conversation with: Travis Hoyt

Learn how MOBE uses data in unique, groundbreaking ways to simultaneously change lives and fuel business outcomes from this conversation with MOBE’s Chief Analytics Officer Travis Hoyt.