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Five women outside, smiling and laughing, with their arms around each other.

Our company, our culture.

It all started because we wanted to help people feel better.

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MOBE was started in 2014 to address gaps between the healthcare system and the needs of individuals. Our founders identified an opportunity to provide dedicated support to people who are managing chronic pain and other health concerns. They created MOBE to deliver personalized guidance customized to unique lifestyles and health situations.

At MOBE, we’re passionate about empowering people to take control of their health through understanding. It’s more than our mission, it’s also part of our culture around the office. That means more walking meetings, healthier choices in the kitchen and, overall, a team of people actively engaged in making the best decisions for their health. We’re united in our work to improve lives—one person at a time.

Who is the MOBE team?

Professionally trained Guides

MOBE Guides are committed to helping people feel their best and live the lives they want to live. In addition, they’re trained in the MOBE way to help people develop self‐management skills that can lead to a new perspective about health and wellness.

MOBE is a trusted resource.

As a third‐party provider, MOBE is chosen by insurance companies and large employers because of the impact we can have on the lives of their members and employees. The personalization offered by MOBE and the philosophy of self‐management means we can deliver services that helps a wide variety of people in a range of health situations. Find out what makes MOBE unique.

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