MOBE | MOBE wins 2021 Top Workplaces USA recognition.

MOBE wins 2021 Top Workplaces USA recognition.

Employee feedback leads Energage to select MOBE from 1,100+ companies for 2021 Top Workplaces honor, along with Healthcare, Leadership, and Communication accolades.

MINNEAPOLIS, January 28, 2020—MOBE has earned the 2021 Top Workplaces USA award, issued by Energage. Determined solely on employee feedback gathered through its employee engagement survey, Energage selected MOBE from more than 1,100 organizations nationwide for its success across 15 Culture Drivers that are proven to predict high performance against industry benchmarks.

“MOBE is driven to help people live healthier, happier lives—and that means supporting the wellbeing of our employees as well as our participants,” said Andrea Patten, Chief People Officer at MOBE. “Creating a company culture in which employees feel appreciated, empowered, and fulfilled was especially critical in light of new obstacles in the workplace, like social distancing and working remotely—so this recognition, based on exceptional feedback from our employees, is a testament to our culture of trust, positivity, and well-being.”

Through data science and analytics, MOBE identifies individuals whose health needs are increasing while their health is likely not improving. They engage these individuals through a network of Guides, which include experienced health professionals, who connect with users 1:1 to discuss health goals and uncover gaps between chronic health issues, acute care needs, and lifestyle changes that can improve health outcomes. The result, along with better health outcomes, is reduced costs to the health ecosystem as a whole. The company’s 200+ employees – including 100 MOBE Guides—bring MOBE’s mission to life with their range of expertise in nutrition, fitness, sleep, social stressors, emotional health, and more that bring better health and more happiness to their participants.

“People come to MOBE for the mission and stay because of the culture. Being named a Top Workplace highlights this special culture – one that is full of respect, empowerment, and joy. We are a team that is innovative, creative, and collaborative – those qualities truly make MOBE a great place to work,” said Chris Cronin, CEO of MOBE. “This recognition is made possible because of our employees – so I want to thank each of them for helping us create our unique workplace in order to guide more people to better health and more happiness.”

In addition to being named one of the 2021 Top Workplaces in the USA, MOBE also was recognized by Energage for its accomplishments including:

  • Healthcare 2021
  • Communication 2021
  • Innovation 2021
  • Clued in Leaders 2021

About MOBE

MOBE was founded in 2014 to address a significant unmet need in the health care system for people who are frequent users of health care services but are not experiencing optimal health outcomes. MOBE partners with insurance companies and large employers to provide health solutions to their customers and employees at no additional cost to the health plan, the employer, or the individual. Combining data analytics, digital health, and a novel one-to-one personalized approach, MOBE helps people live happier, healthier lives.

About Energage

Energage is a purpose-driven company that helps organizations turn employee feedback into useful business intelligence and credible employer recognition through Top Workplaces. Built on 14 years of cultural research and the results from 22 million employees surveyed across more than 66,000 organizations, Energage delivers the most accurate competitive benchmark available. With access to a unique combination of patented analytic tools and expert guidance, Energage customers lead the competition with an engaged workforce and an opportunity to gain recognition for their people-first approach to culture. For more information or to nominate your organization, visit or

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