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Healing from the Inside Out: Beth’s Story.

Through her own hard work, Beth was on her way to better wellness and had lost a significant amount of weight when she heard about MOBE. She wondered what a MOBE Guide could possibly add to her journey, but she was also curious enough to try.

Working with her MOBE Guide, Starr, Beth discovered a new way to think about why she was working on her health. The stories Starr shared prompted a better understanding of how her physical health linked to her thoughts as well as her environment. Beth soon came to realize that “Inner chaos” about her health led to chaos in her living space as well:

“I noticed that with my own life I could never keep a closet or drawers organized. My son, being very organized, set about working on my kitchen drawers and cabinets. My first thought was 'That’s nice, but please don't waste your time, I won’t be able to keep it that way past a few weeks.' Much to my surprise, it’s still that way almost nine months later. Not because he did anything different than what I have tried to do many times before, but because once I cleaned up the clutter on the inside of me the outside was no longer in chaos. I then proceeded with skepticism to do the same to my closet and it too has remained very organized.”

Once we heal what’s bothering us on the inside I believe the outside living space shows that reflection as well.

Encouraging healing in others

The more Beth discovered about herself, the more she wanted to share her insights with others. After what she’d learned about the connection between inner healing and physical environments, she saw an opportunity to make a difference for someone else.

“A friend of mine has had several heart attacks and lives in a small trailer with a nice deck and outdoor patio, but nothing on it. One day while he was at a doctor's appointment, I decided to decorate his deck and make a nice space for him to sit in the evening to be in nature. When he came home he was overwhelmed with delight to find three Adirondack chairs and a small fire pit with twinkle solar lights for some ambiance in the evening hours. One of the fellows that go to church with us strung some patio lights as well. With just a few items and plants this deck became his favorite outdoor space. He tells me he sits there in the early morning and late evening to pray.”

I hope and think we made a small difference in a place he can pray and heal.

Beth’s story reminds us of several components of anyone’s health journey. One is to never overlook the importance of healing from the inside out by changing the way you think. Next, remember that your environment matters: it can be a reflection of how you’re feeling, and it can also impact your health for the better or worse. Most of all, it feels good to pay it forward and help someone else.

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