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Data science and
predictive analytics.

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At MOBE, we use advanced data science and predictive analytics to find people who often go overlooked. In addition to their health conditions, we focus on health behaviors—giving us a better understanding of each person’s unique situation. 

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Using data to personalize your program.

Travis Hoyt, Chief Information and Analytics Officer at MOBE, explains how powerful insights lead to more purposeful engagement resulting in improved outcomes and lower health care costs.

Smarter wellness, bigger savings.

How is your organization using big data to transform its health and wellness solution? Use this checklist to help you determine if your data is working its smartest (not hardest) for you. Also, take a look at how MOBE's transformative approach to leveraging data works.

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Watch the webinar.

Watch the full conversation between MOBE’s Travis Hoyt, Chief Analytics Officer and special guest John Nosta (Google Health Advisory Board Member and founding member of the World Health Organization Roster of Digital Health Experts) to learn how smart application of big data can transform your health and wellness solution.

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