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Four Measurement Methodologies. One Clear Winner.

If you are looking to get a precise measurement of how your well-being solutions are doing from an ROI standpoint, you have options. These include health outcomes extrapolation, prospective pricing, year-over-year (YOY) assessment, and a randomized controlled trial (RCT).

But one of these options stands far above the rest in terms of attribution. The questions for many methodologies are: How can results be proven? Can you tie your results—without question—to what your own data says over time?

Become well-versed in these four methodologies, and see which one gets proven, iron-clad results.




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Data Science and Predictive Analytics

At MOBE, we use advanced data science and predictive analytics to find people who often go overlooked. In addition to their health conditions, we focus on health behaviors—giving us a better understanding of each person’s unique situation.

Download: 5 Ways to Maximize Data to Transform Your Health and Wellness Solution

Just having a lot of data isn’t enough. Analyzing the right combinations of data is what’s key.

We’re All in on Outcomes. Here’s Proof.

Does personalized health guidance deliver measurable impact? Dig into the data and explore MOBE outcomes in physical health, mental well-being, cost, health equity, and more.