The MOBE Program

At MOBE, we believe the path to living more of the life you want to live isn’t just a clinical solution—it also includes self-management. And we’re not alone. The National Institutes of Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published reports highlighting the critical role self-management plays in helping people reduce and cope with health issues and enhance overall quality of life.

That’s why we’re here. At MOBE, we help you discover what’s possible, by helping you understand what your body has known all along. We help you get back to living more of the life you want to live.

And we keep it simple.

What is Self-Management?

The truth is, sometimes we overlook or underuse the health tools we already have. Self-management is one of those tools, and studies have shown it can provide real relief from chronic pain, discomfort associated with chronic illness, anxiety and stress. Self-management also plays a pivotal role in helping your body respond to treatments for chronic illness or conditions.

What is Self-Management?

Simply put, it’s a way of taking care of yourself that includes:

  • Understanding how healthcare options and lifestyle choices can work together
  • Making conscious decisions about activities that affect your sleep, nutrition, energy and attitude

About the MOBE Program

The ideas behind self-management may be simple, but living them isn’t always easy. Especially for people who might be living with the day-to-day challenges of a chronic illness, serious condition, or unpleasant side effects of treatments and medications. Knowing where to start can be a challenge.

At MOBE, we think it’s better to learn self-management skills with the support of a professionally trained MOBE Guide. We carefully select our Guides to ensure they’re committed to our mission of supporting people in self-management and that they have the right skill set to do so. Every Guide also has training and work experience in a healthcare field, and more importantly, providing support for lifestyle changes and self-management.

"I don't feel alone. I feel like I have someone walking this path with me. I'm blown away."

What MOBE Guides Say

The goal of the program is to improve people’s ability to take care of themselves. In doing so, they’ll behave differently, interact with the environment differently, and be able to do the things that they want to do for as long as they want to do them.

It’s a process. What we try to do is teach people that the way you think, the way you eat, the way you behave can either help you or hurt you.

Most people know more about their car and how their car works than about how their body works.

Living with pain makes people feel helpless and out of control. My job is to help them regain that control.

As MOBE Guides, we try to empower people to improve the way they take care of themselves. We help them be participants in their own healthcare decision making.

It’s not complicated. We make small, little recommendations. And those little recommendations are incremental, and they add up to something very big.

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