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MOBE is a high-growth organization with inspired teams who are making a difference in the health care space, person by person. Scroll for MOBE’s latest and greatest news.

MOBE to provide personalized health guidance to Polaris employees.

Global powersports leader Polaris Inc. has chosen MOBE to provide one-to-one personalized health guidance to improve the health of its employees and their families and reduce the company’s health care costs. By combining data and analytics, MOBE identifies individuals whose health care utilization is increasing while their health is not improving. MOBE Health Guides and Pharmacists work one-to-one with people, producing better health outcomes without additional cost to the health system, employers, or insurers.

In 2023, believe in the power of human potential.

When I reflect on the last seven months as the CEO of MOBE, one of our company’s guiding principles, to “believe in the power of human potential” emerges as an important theme. This philosophy continues to resurface in my leadership of MOBE employees, in our mission to help people on their personal path to health and happiness, and even in my role as a dad.

How to add innovation to whole-person care.

MOBE’s VP of Medication Strategies, Leslie Helou, was featured on a panel of health care leaders in Bright Spots in Healthcare’s webinar, “How to Add Innovation to Whole-Person Care.” They each give insight into their organization’s framework for addressing whole-person care and how examining someone’s entire health picture leads to improved health outcomes and lower costs.

Reaching employees who need the most wellness support.

As workplace reports of the Great Resignation and “quiet quitting” escalate, employers are re-examining ways to support employees’ changing physical, mental and family support needs, as well as to help protect their health and well-being.

Improving veteran pain management requires a committed, comprehensive approach.

Millions of veterans encounter health challenges every day, often as a direct result of their service to our country. As we honor their brave and selfless service, we must also commit to making the health, comfort, and safety of veterans and their family members a priority for our nation.

Addressing mental health and advancing health equity: Carlos’ story.

People face numerous barriers on their journey to becoming healthier and happier, including non-medical factors like environmental and socioeconomic circumstances that are not within their control.

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