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Workforce health innovators MOBE and Kumanu collaborate to deliver a streamlined solution for employee health improvement with guaranteed ROI.

MINNEAPOLIS and ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 27, 2023—Today, at the 2023 HERO Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah, MOBE and Kumanu announced a partnership focused on reshaping the landscape of employee health and wellbeing solutions. The partnership between two industry innovators aims to simplify the delivery of comprehensive health and well-being solutions while providing guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for large employers.

MOBE, recognized for its pioneering use of predictive AI models, excels in identifying and engaging individuals who stand to benefit most from its human-first health coaching and medication management services, which have saved clients an average of 7.5% in claims costs.

Kumanu, founded by Dr. Vic Strecher, renowned author of Life on Purpose, is known for its ground-breaking work harnessing intrinsic motivations to address both Personal and Social Determinants of Health. The result is a more inspiring and dynamic wellbeing platform, AI-tailored to the individual, that better meets the needs of today’s hybrid workforce, when compared to traditional platforms. Kumanu’s book-of-business outcomes include: 46% report less burnout, 57% report they are less likely to leave, and 73% report fewer depressive symptoms, among those at baseline risk.

Together, MOBE and Kumanu provide a comprehensive, whole-person solution streamlined for large employers and their workforces, requiring fewer internal resources to support and guaranteed ROI. It will also save employers the expense of incremental communication and incentives associated with other solutions on the market today.

“By harnessing intrinsic motivations like individual purpose and values, we can change behavior, and produce engagement that matters,” said Vic Strecher, PhD, MPH, founder, and CEO of Kumanu. “By blending MOBE’s powerful predictive analytics and the human touch of MOBE Guides with Kumanu’s Purposeful platform, we’ve created something truly unique: a human-centered approach that puts the heart and soul back into workforce wellbeing.”

“Employers need a better way to contain costs, but don’t want to sacrifice employee experience in the process,” added Mike Ott, MOBE’s CEO. “Now they can offer a high touch experience for employees receiving care, and workforce-wide strategies that meet people where they’re at. And the biggest news is that the whole thing can cost much less than what employers are used to paying today.”

About MOBE

MOBE was founded in 2014 by health industry veterans who uncovered a way to use deep data science to identify people whose health care needs (and costs) are going up, but whose health concerns are not resolved. MOBE combines this deep data science with digital health and a novel, one-to-one personalized approach–engaging and supporting participants to achieve healthier and happier lives without any additional cost to the health system, employers, or insurers.

About Kumanu

Founded and led by wellbeing industry veterans, Kumanu delivers a better way to help people and organizations thrive by grounding desired change in personal purpose. Kumanu addresses the social determinants and other root causes of burnout, disengagement, and poor mental health impacting today's workforce. Steeped in science, driven by data, and customized for each culture, Kumanu delivers meaningful results, usually at a much lower overall cost.