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5 Ways to Bring More Nature into Your Everyday Life

Ever notice that when you spend time outside you just feel happier? That’s because being in nature can improve your mood, reduce stress, and boost your mental health—which is more important than ever in today's always-connected, tech-filled world.1

Nature is all around, no matter where you are.

"Nature” doesn’t have to mean an unspoiled wilderness, a lakeside cabin, or a national park. Wherever you are, you can enjoy nature’s healing benefits. It might be an open space like a city park, ball field, or playground. It could be a green space where there are trees, flowers, grass, or plants. Or it could be a blue space, where you’re close to a pond, river, or the ocean. Wherever you go, take time to slow down, notice the little things—and let nature take its course (in a good way).

How to bring more nature into your life.

Here are some everyday ways to spend more time with nature.

Grow your own. Make a mini garden using a window box or planting pots inside your home. Plant a garden in your yard. Or explore shared gardens in your area.

Plan to be in nature. Make nature part of your recreation, family time, or social activities. Plan a vacation, family outing, or friends’ meet-up at a city or national park, beach, lake, desert, reserve, or other area filled with nature.

Swap indoor activities for outdoor ones. Walk at a park instead of on a treadmill. Read a book outside instead of on your couch.

Use nature to create art. Use materials like leaves, tree bark, rocks, and feathers to decorate your bedroom, office, garage, or entire home.

Listen to nature sounds. Even when you’re indoors, you can connect to nature by listening to sounds such as birds chirping, ocean waves, or rainstorms.

Spending more time in nature is a powerful way to support your overall well-being. But there are many more things you can do to feel healthier and happier. A MOBE Guide can help you learn more about how your social and emotional well-being impacts your overall health. Get started with MOBE.

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