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5-Step Checklist for Better Health and Well-Being

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MOBE can help you break it all down—discovering what areas of your life are contributing to better health and well-being, and where you might benefit from a few changes.

Everything we do is connected. What you eat may affect how you sleep, which may affect how much energy you have to exercise, which may affect your mood, which may affect what you eat, and so on. Studies show that 85% of chronic illness is due to factors others than genetics—meaning your diet, lifestyle, and environment play a significant role in your health and well-being.1 Understanding how these areas connect and influence your health universe is key to feeling your best. MOBE offers a fresh way to unlock better health and more happiness using guided support and a whole-person approach.

A whole-person approach breaks down your health into five elements that are common to everyone and central to our health and well-being: eat, sleep, move, feel, and medications. Guided support goes beyond managing symptoms, it’s a chance to discover how these different areas of your life might be affecting your health universe. Working one-to-one with a MOBE Guide, you’ll have an accountability partner pointing out where you’re already doing well, listening to what’s worked for you in the past, and encouraging you with new ideas. Your Guide will help you explore which of the five elements of your life could benefit from small but important behavior changes and where you can build on what you’re already doing well.

Getting our diet right can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming part of finding our best health. Poor nutrition can have a major impact on your overall health, including increasing your risk for serious health conditions. In both good and bad ways, what you eat can affect how you feel, how you sleep, and your body’s ability to heal itself. A proper diet can be a powerful tool to fuel your day, manage weight, and help your body fight inflammation.

Your body does some of its most important work while you’re sleeping. Poor quality sleep can lead to not-so-great diet choices, an increased risk for certain illnesses, and even affect how your medications work. Sleep is critical for giving our body time to recover from damage, strengthen our immune system, and restore brain function.

The benefits of exercise can be profound, but it’s not always easy to know where to start or find the time. The good news is that even small amounts of stretching, walking, or strength training can reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and elevate your mood.

Science has found a deep connection between emotional well-being and physical health. Chronic stress damages your body’s self-repair systems and leaves you more vulnerable to illness and disease. It’s crucial to discover ways of coping and handling both the big and little stressors that can happen in life.

Everything you put in your body affects how you feel, how you heal, and how your body functions. From over-the-counter medications, to supplements and prescription medications, it all needs to be taken in the right context for your body to work it’s best.

Because everything you do is connected, it can be difficult to figure out what’s getting in the way of feeling your best. However, you don’t have to handle all the information by yourself. Through a whole-person approach and guided support, MOBE can help you break it all down—discovering what areas of your life are contributing to better health and well-being, and where you might benefit from a few changes.

See how MOBE can help you connect the dots between nutrition, sleep, movement, and emotional well-being—with personalized one-to-one support. Get started today.


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