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Explore an RCT with MOBE.

At MOBE, RCT doesn’t stand for Rice Crispy Treats, although we love those tasty snacks (in moderation, of course). RCT means Randomized Controlled Trial, and we conduct them to demonstrate how cost savings can be clearly attributed to MOBE intervention.

How an RCT works.

Our proprietary algorithm looks at your whole population and identifies a pool of members who may have unresolved health issues despite frequent provider visits. These members use multiple health care services and may be on an unhealthy trajectory—but they don’t engage with traditional wellness offerings. We segment that population into two groups: one that receives MOBE’s high-touch health coaching, and a control group. After 12 months, you’ll see how MOBE intervention drives improved health outcomes and reduced costs. Pretty sweet, right?

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across health plans

As health improves, health care spend goes down. We guarantee it.

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More participation makes a greater health impact.

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MOBE participants say the relationship is what makes the experience unique.

A whole-person approach.

MOBE Guides and Pharmacists are health professionals who help your members find well-being solutions that fit their lives. They offer personalized support, connecting the dots between nutrition, sleep, movement, medications, and emotional well-being.

See how MOBE works

Financial guarantee.

MOBE improves the health of your members. This leads to lower health care utilization and considerable medical and pharmacy cost savings backed by a risk-free, financial guarantee. Kurt Cegielski, MOBE CCO, explains how the guarantee works.

Financial risk is underwritten by Plymouth Guarantee Ltd. (a Bermuda insurance company) and Plymouth Guarantee Captive IC, LLC (a Vermont captive cell).

MOBE financial guarantee

Success with MOBE

Participant health outcomes.

  • 60% improved emotional well-being
  • 57% reported an increase in energy
  • 73% lost or maintained weight
  • 35% increased sleep to more than 7 hours/day

Featured tools and resources.

Download: A randomized controlled trial with MOBE.

Why conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT)? To demonstrate that savings can be clearly attributed to MOBE’s intervention. And to eliminate any questions about what’s actually improving outcomes for your commercial population.

Download: Advancing Health Equity

MOBE partnered with a third-party firm to identify, measure, and quantify the impact of our work on individuals facing five or more SDoH risk factors. We are pleased to share our findings.

Proof That MOBE Makes a Healthier Difference

We improve health outcomes, enhance the health care experience, and lower costs. Beyond that, we also impact the well-being of health care workers and are making significant strides in advancing health equity. Learn more about the…

MOBE helps us empower our members to achieve their best health with tools and strategies that focus on areas too often neglected, but essential for overall well-being. MOBE’s personalized, relationship-based support brings all aspects of health into alignment to give our members a better overall experience and produce better health outcomes.”

Health plan client, Vice President of Health Care Management

Our goal always is to make health care work better for all of our members. And for this population, making it work better means learning to use it in healthy ways...MOBE shares in our belief of meeting people where they are and our passion for improving people's health through innovative solutions.”

Health plan client, Executive Vice President