And now, something truly chilling. | MOBE

And now, something truly chilling.

Your body is awesome. From the way wounds heal, to how the body self-regulates its temperature and the brain restores and refreshes itself through sleep… we just can’t get enough of all the good stuff bodies can do.

But there are other things as well; surprising little systems and responses that shine a light on that oh-so-human connection of body, soul and mind. For example, the way a song can raise goosebumps up and down your skin. Not just any song – but that one certain song, the one that goes on for a few verses and then right at a specific point the tune changes to a new pitch, or the message is resolved through a new lyric.

We bet you know what we’re talking about, and you can name a song that does it to you. But it could also be a certain movie scene, or a line from a book, or something else that simply reaches into your brain, grabs hold and doesn’t let go…. until the one moment that gets you every time.

Why does this even happen and what are the mechanics behind this mystery? One explanation suggests it’s all about dopamine, the pleasure hormone in our brains. It seems when there’s a hint of suspense—tied to joy or even fear! — it creates a buildup of dopamine that explodes across your mind and body when resolved. Hence, the chills down your spine when your favorite singer hits the high note. That dizzying thrill when you turn the corner of a haunted house. The goosebumps on your arms when the super hero removes his mask.

The next time it happens to you, you’ll know why. It’s another fascinating fact in the amazing story of you.