Capital BlueCross Announcement | MOBE

Capital BlueCross Announcement

MOBE announces a new relationship with Capital BlueCross, a full-service health insurer serving members in central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

"The MOBE team is excited about this new partnership," said Chief Customer Office Eric Hamborg.

Our work is highly customized to each person in the program, and we get to see some very real, inspiring success stories as people integrate self-management into their lives. We're looking forward to meeting this new group of eligible Capital BlueCross members in early 2017.”

The partnership between Capital BlueCross and MOBE is an innovative approach that provides tailored support to individuals who are navigating specific complex conditions. Through the MOBE Guided Self-Management Program, MOBE provides guided support to help members find real relief from chronic pain, discomfort associated with chronic illness, anxiety and stress. The MOBE Program is available to members at no additional cost, as part of their existing Capital BlueCross plan.

About self-management

Self-management isn’t a treatment, but an individualized process for each person. It includes understanding how healthcare options and lifestyle choices can work together, as well as making conscious decisions about activities that affect sleep, nutrition, energy and attitude. The National Institutes of Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published reports highlighting the critical role self-management plays in helping people deal with health issues and enhance overall quality of life.

Capital BlueCross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, serving 21 counties in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.