How are you fueling your body? | MOBE

How are you fueling your body?

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard: you are what you eat. And while that’s a great way to introduce the value of healthy eating habits, at MOBE we help people understand just how much this rule affects the way you feel from day to day.

The best fuel empowers your body to be its best: from managing energy levels to supporting growth, healing and immune system response. Choosing less-than-great fuel can affect more than just your waistline or energy levels. For example:

Just a typical day?

Inflammation is an immune response, and certain foods can trigger it; especially sugar, fats and processed foods. So let’s imagine one evening you indulge in a heavily processed meal followed by a healthy serving of desserts. The next day, you notice a puffy, inflamed feeling in your fingers, knees or other joints. Since you’re feeling achy, you’re less inclined to get the exercise you need or spend your usual time socializing with friends. As a result, you start feeling a little anxious or frustrated because your morning didn’t go as planned. Maybe you grab a coffee and sugary treat in the afternoon to feel better, and that means you have more trouble falling asleep. Uh-oh. This chain of events continues into the next day, when you wake up groggy. Your first impulse is to order an extra dose of caffeine accompanied by your favorite donut. BOOM – instant energy solution. Or is it?

Your day, re-imagined with MOBE.

Because you’ve been talking about nutrition with your MOBE Guide, you already understand the connection between food and inflammation. That makes it easier to choose the foods that help you feel your best; if you want dessert you choose something simple like fresh berries or a piece of dark chocolate. You wake up the next day without inflammation, allowing you to jump into your regular exercise routine. You continue choosing healthier meals that maintain your energy and your mood throughout the day. After dinner, you’re not so full that you collapse on the couch. Instead, you take a walk. You know from talking with your MOBE Guide that this helps with digestion. But you’ve also discovered that short walks provide a peaceful, separate space for reflection and winding down.

Fuel up for your best self.

Yes, you are what you eat: physically, mentally, socially and in all the other aspects that make you delightfully unique. Maybe you saw yourself in one of the examples above, or maybe you suspect a similar connection in your own life. It’s important to recognize how the fuel you choose for your body can affect the way you think, feel and move. MOBE Guides are here to help you discover exactly what that means for you, and how to fuel up your body for your very best self.


The next time you pick up a snack, think of it as fuel. How do you want your body to feel after eating it? How do you want to feel tomorrow? Will this affect the fuel you choose?