Meet Leslie Helou, Vice President, Medication Strategies | MOBE

Meet Leslie Helou, Vice President, Medication Strategies

Leslie joined MOBE in 2018 as Vice President, Medication Strategies. Her background includes patient-focused clinical care, pharmaceutical and clinical research, medical communications and strategic product development. Through her extensive experience, she developed a broad understanding of prescription medications and unique insights about how they are used.

Tell us a little bit about your background in healthcare.
When I graduated with my Doctorate in Pharmacy over 15 years ago, I wanted to gain experience in all areas related to pharmacy. My goal was to discover all the ways I could apply my education to enhance someone else’s well-being. Understanding the entire process of developing, prescribing, managing and adjusting medication therapies helps me make better choices not only for myself but also for others.

What attracted you to your role at MOBE – why did it appeal to you personally and professionally?
I believe MOBE is on the forefront of providing pharmacist-driven services that aren’t part of our current healthcare system but can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Pharmacists specialize in understanding what drugs do to the body and what the body does to drugs. They’re the only health professionals trained to think about medications holistically, across all disease states and providers.

Most people don’t realize the potential beneficial and harmful impacts of putting external substances in and on your body. As patients, or consumers of over-the-counter products, we tend to start something and forget to ask whether it’s time to stop. MOBE Pharmacists take the time to help people understand these considerations. I’m excited to provide that service to the MOBE community.

How does your background contribute to the work you do here?
Every human body is different and the information people have from the development and utilization of a drug can be limited. Understanding those limitations first-hand has made me more cautious, as well as more open-minded, about how drugs should be used in real-life situations.

If you could talk to someone who’s newly eligible for MOBE and considering signing up, what would you tell them?
Drugs are complex. The human body is complex. No two people have the same experience with a drug or the conditions they need to treat. And yet, healthcare doesn’t always allow enough time for providers to review all their patients’ medications comprehensively: to make sure everything is still needed, working as intended, is safe for the person, or that the person is able to take it in a way to get the expected results.

Through our Guided Medication Service, you get connected with a pharmacist who can spend the time to do this.