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MOBE does good together with MATTER

At the September all-company meeting, MOBE employees raced one another to pack over two thousand snack packs filled with healthy options. These snack bags, called MATTERbox snack packs, will go to student athletes at Brooklyn Center High School to provide healthy snacks between school and sports activities, helping the kids reach their full potential while learning about the importance of nutrition.

At MOBE, we know a great company lives up to its values, which is why we’re so passionate about partnering with organizations that can help us fulfill our principle “Do good together.” Because of that, MOBE is proud to announce our partnerships with MATTER. We’re so excited about their unique perspective and approach to helping people live healthier lives.

“MOBE’s mission is guiding people to better health and more happiness. One of the core principles we focus on is nutrition, and we saw the clear tie with what MATTER is doing in trying to help people live healthier and more full lives. So the opportunity to partner with MATTER that has both a local and global footprint was something that appealed to us and we see it as a great synergy between the two organizations,” said Chris Cronin, MOBE’s CEO.

MATTER is a global nonprofit on a mission to move people forward by eliminating barriers to a healthier life. They do that by addressing three major challenges that affect people’s ability to live heathier. MATTER has identified the three challenges as:

  1. Health services challenge: Half the world’s population is unable to access essential health services. Through the redistribution of medical supplies and equipment, MATTER is increasing access to health in some of the hardest to reach corners of the world.
  2. Healthy lifestyle challenge: Due to poor eating habits and physical inactivity, today’s generation may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. To address this troubling trend, MATTER proactively seeks to empower today’s youth on the importance of health and nutrition.
  3. Education challenge: The next generation does not have the necessary problem solving, critical thinking, and continuous learning skills that will allow them to compete in a technologically driven world. The MATTER Innovation Hub offers some of the world’s most disadvantaged youth a chance to compete and thrive in our high tech world.

We are excited about a long-term partnership with MATTER, who shares our values and knows that together, we can change the world by helping people live happier, healthier lives.

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