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MOBE recognized as a top presenter at the 24th Annual Employee Health Care Conference.

MOBE is pleased to announce it was selected as a top presenter at The Conference Board’s 24th Annual Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego, CA, March 18–20, in the New Frontiers in Group Benefits Innovation Category.

Competing against 11 other companies, Sarah Ziemer, SVP of Employer Sales, delivered a 3-minute presentation demonstrating MOBE’s uniquely innovative health care benefits solution.

Ziemer successfully communicated MOBE’s ability to lower health care claims costs for employers for a selected population by 7.5% in just one year. She also highlighted how MOBE participant, Koshie, when paired with a MOBE Guide and Pharmacist, journeyed back to health.

“For health plans and employers, here’s what we solve for,” said Ziemer. “We are finding a hidden, struggling segment of the population, and we work hard to engage that segment of the population to drive health improvements and health outcomes and generate claims savings for our clients.”

Unlike condition-specific solutions, or health and well-being programs offered to an entire population, MOBE’s approach is to select individuals based on utilization and behavior patterns within the health care system. These individuals are high-volume, frequent users of low-intensity services, but are not getting resolution to their complex challenges and conditions.

As Ziemer emphasized in her presentation, many of these people, like Koshie, are dealing with multiple, chronic health issues like diabetes, anxiety, sleep problems, high blood pressure, and more. They are not engaging in point solutions or traditional well-being programs. And if they are, these programs fall short for these individuals, and do not address health and well-being from a whole-person perspective.

Ziemer continued, “For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping people like Koshie who are falling through the cracks in our health care system. And it’s not magic. This is part of our actuarial-vetted and validated solution.”

MOBE’s robust one-to-one lifestyle and medication management program puts people and relationships first. Koshie, like all MOBE participants, is paired with an expert health Guide and clinical Pharmacist who work to develop an individualized health plan covering all interconnected aspects of health including nutrition, movement, emotional health, and sleep.

And the results are impressive. Koshie was able to reduce her 10 medications down to zero, and her health has greatly improved.

For employers, the cost savings are equally impressive—and innovative. Ziemer underscored how MOBE guarantees zero financial risk to clients. MOBE guarantees claims cost reduction, eliminating all financial risk for clients.