Premera Announcement: Program Extension | MOBE

Premera Announcement: Program Extension

MOBE is pleased to announce that Premera Blue Cross and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska are extending availability of the MOBE program. Premera is the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest, serving over 2.2 million customers in Washington and Alaska with programs of wellness and prevention, care management and patient safety.

On behalf of Premera, MOBE provides guided support to help people find relief from pain through self-management. The program helps individuals develop skills to reduce, prevent and cope with pain and other chronic conditions.

The MOBE program is available to members of covered Premera groups.

The relationship between Premera and MOBE is an innovative approach that provides tailored support to people dealing with specific complex conditions. The MOBE Guided Self-Management Program supports members looking for real relief from:

  • Chronic pain
  • Discomfort associated with chronic illness
  • Anxiety and stress

About self-management

Self-management isn’t a treatment. It is:

  • A personalized process for each person
  • A lifestyle approach to improve and complement healthcare
  • A proven practice that includes:
    • Knowing how healthcare options and lifestyle choices work together
    • Making conscious decisions about activities that affect sleep, nutrition, energy and attitude
  • The National Institutes of Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published reports that highlight the critical role of self-management in helping people prevent, reduce, and cope with health issues and enhance overall quality of life.
    Premera Blue Cross and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and serve members located in Washington and Alaska. On behalf of Premera, MOBE is an independent provider delivering care management services to Premera members.