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Reflections on 2017 and being a MOBE Guide.

When it comes to helping people feel better, MOBE Guides are the center of what we do. So in a spirit of reflection we asked them, "What do you love most about helping people become better self-managers?"

Whether you're already working with a Guide, or you're just learning about MOBE, we hope you find their answers as inspiring, encouraging and rewarding as we do.

What I love most is hearing from consumers about an amazing health transformation they have experienced. I feel honored every day that they stuck it out, did the hard work, and trusted me to support them along the way. In the end I hear

You and MOBE have given me a new life and I will be forever grateful.”

I love getting to know each of my consumers. It is so rewarding to have them let me into their lives at a time when many of them feel vulnerable and just aren’t at their best. I love getting to be a part of their journey and celebrating with them as they experience each “aha” moment. There’s nothing like having a front row seat to someone transforming their health and their life.

Doing this work is so fulfilling to me - I love helping people see they have the courage to change something that they've not been able to achieve on their own. I get to build long lasting relationships with people which is so essential to seeing this process through...I truly LOVE the work I get to do, and seeing the change and how empowering the change is to the individual (and often those around them) is so rewarding!

The best part about working as a MOBE Guide this year is having a front row seat to watch incredible transformations occur in people's health and thus their lives. It is so awesome!

I feel honored and humbled to be working in a position where I can help someone enjoy life more. It is incredibly rewarding to see and hear the stories of people feeling better, moving more and taking control of their health and lives.

I love being a facilitator of personal transformation, and hearing from people how differently they're looking at things since we've been talking.

There is nothing more rewarding than when a consumer gains insights into his/her life. When they experience that "aha!" moment, and begin to see that they actually have more control over their circumstances and happiness than they first realized -- it's a big deal! They take control of their life and discover that they had this ability within them all along.

I am inspired by the people I have the opportunity to guide; their growing confidence in themselves has taught me so much about the human spirit, their trust in me as their Guide is humbling and their laughter and insights make me smile every call. It's an honor to do what I do.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have something you'd like to share about being part of the MOBE family and working with your Guide this year? Or, are you still considering the benefits of MOBE and have questions about it? Join our conversation on Facebook or send us an email today.