Susanne's Story: One Teacher's Healthy Changes with MOBE | MOBE

Susanne is headed back to teaching this year, thanks to working with her MOBE Guide. See how Premera Blue Cross expands relationship with MOBE, helping more members make healthy, lasting changes.

Premera Blue Cross, a leading health plan in the Pacific Northwest, and MOBE today announced an expanded relationship as a result of program success and member health improvements. Nearly 10,000 more members will have access to MOBE’s professional health guidance, at no additional cost.

MOBE works with eligible health plan members, improving their member experience and health outcomes by helping them understand how their health care options and lifestyle choices work together as they pursue improved health and well-being.

“This expanded relationship will open the door for more of our customers to access guidance and support that leads to better health.,” said Dr. John Espinola, executive vice president of Healthcare Services at Premera. “With Premera’s increased focus on behavioral health and MOBE’s expertise in connecting the dots between physical and mental health, we can improve the lives of more of our customers, supporting them in pursuit of whole-person health.”

With educational content and one-to-one support from experienced health professionals – by phone, through an app or both – MOBE is an additive to a member’s health care experience, focusing on the connections between diet, sleep, movement, medication and happiness. MOBE Guides come to understand participants’ unique challenges and goals and empower them to act and make decisions to maintain or improve their health.

For Premera member Susanne Bruland, 52, who experiences chronic facial pain, MOBE services helped her understand and manage her pain, as well as the stress and anxiety that came with it. Mia, my MOBE Guide, really knew me and all I was dealing with both physically and emotionally,” said Bruland. “She helped me go from bedridden back to part-time teaching.”

“Our MOBE Guides are able to help participants like Susanne by building a relationship of trust, listening, educating, and sharing suggestions,” said MOBE co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Eric Hamborg. “When individuals are better equipped to navigate their health care and lifestyle choices to manage their health effectively, everyone wins. We’re excited to be expanding with Premera to improve the lives of more of their members.”

Premera first offered MOBE services to eligible members – about five percent of a select population – in 2016, resulting in improved outcomes and reduced health care utilization.