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The power of storytelling and support.

You may already be familiar with CaringBridge, the website that makes it easy for people to share health news and updates and also offer support to others. The site, in essence, fosters hope through storytelling. Like MOBE, CaringBridge also recognizes the power people have to choose the way they feel and control their own health. That's why this recent Star Tribune story caught our eye: "CaringBridge starts national conversation on 'How We Heal' - new campaign explores how storytelling and medicine can work together."

One of the first lessons CaringBridge staffers learn is that people often start their healing journey by making the intellectual and emotional decision to recover...”

We're no strangers to these ideas at MOBE. In fact, these are key beliefs in the MOBE Guided Self-Management Program. Every day, MOBE Guides work with people to help them discover their ability to change the way they feel and control their own health. Quite often, they explore these those lessons together through stories.

While every approach is different, one universal truth emerges: Healing is a choice. ” - campaign website

Sharing stories. Finding support. Listening to what your body already knows. These are all important parts of any health journey. How have you made them part of yours?

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