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What makes a MOBE Guide?  

As described on our program page, every MOBE Guide has at least five years of experience in a healthcare field. Together, they're a diverse collection of physicians, nurses, chiropractors, dietitians, wellness specialists and even more.

Our MOBE Guides live and work across the United States, in a variety of occupations and time zones. And they share a passion for helping people take control of their own health. Here's what some of them say about their role in the Guided Self-Management Program:

Living with pain makes people feel helpless and out of control. My job is to help them regain that control. It’s a process. What we try to do is teach people that the way you think, the way you eat, the way you behave can either help you or hurt you. The goal of the program is to improve people’s ability to take care of themselves. In doing so, they’ll behave differently, interact with the environment differently, and be able to do the things that they want to do for as long as they want to do them.”