Living Healthier Makes Your Brain Grow.

And other amazing things about the brain-body connection.

Wait, what was that? Living healthier makes your brain grow?

Yes, you can expand your brain by how you live your life. Simple things like eating better and exercising, reducing your stress and increasing your happiness provide your brain with more blood flow and oxygen, which causes new cell growth. Which in turn, gives you a measurably bigger brain.

Naturally, the rest of your body also benefits from healthy living. Your skin ages more slowly, your immunity strengthens, even your heart rate lowers. That's amazing. It's also empowering, because by finding balance you improve your brain, your body, and ultimately, your health. It's not always obvious but try to notice how your environment impacts your stress level and emphasize the activities that bring you joy. (Think about the last time you tried to relax in a noisy, active room.)

As you achieve balance, you take more ownership of your own health. The power lies in your hands - but it starts with the decisions you make with your mind.

Intrigued? We are. If you're eager for more insights about the brain-body-health connection, here are some links to explore:

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Exercises that harness the Mind-Body connection.

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Your brain on stress.


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