Get ahead of your health with preventive care. | MOBE

Get ahead of your health with preventive care.

Like its name suggests, preventive care is all about avoiding health problems before they happen or catching them before they possibly become serious. Along with healthy eating, movement, and stress management, a big part of preventive care is getting regular checkups from your health care provider.

Why should you go to the doctor if you don’t feel sick? Because many health problems don’t have noticeable symptoms at first, it’s important to check for them periodically. That’s why preventive care usually includes health screenings or tests—like cholesterol checks, vaccinations, eye exams, colonoscopies, and more. Your age, family history, where you live, and your life experiences can all influence what your preventive care routine looks like.

Many things can get in the way of good preventive care. It might be the financial cost, difficulty in accessing care, or the lack of a primary care provider.1 Or it may be fears related to health care or hearing bad news. These obstacles are very common, but the key to getting past them is to understand how vital it is to get good preventive care. It can start with an honest and open conversation with a health care provider.

Take charge of your health with preventive care.

By helping you stay ahead of health issues, preventive care is a powerful way to take charge of your well-being. Another way to be in control is to talk to a MOBE Guide or Pharmacist. From sleep and exercise to diet and medications, they can help you make changes to live your healthiest life. Get started today.


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