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MOBE’s Whole-Person Approach to Well-Being

Written by Jason Doescher, MD, MOBE Chief Medical Officer

In a growing field of health and well-being promises, MOBE is driven by the profoundly human idea that a whole-person approach makes all the difference. People are beautifully complex, and we’re all shaped by our individual journeys. Health care can be complicated, even confusing at times, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like you’re not reaching or maintaining your best health. Your health is both a responsibility and an active process—a culmination of your choices, actions, and habits. How you think, how you move and eat, and how you react and feel are all important pieces of your big-picture health.

  1. How you think: Often, we begin with motivation and mindset. Self-efficacy is the belief that you are capable of being in control of your life and growing in a healthy direction. It’s also a crucial base for positive change and adaptation. By sharing examples of how to move forward and reflect on your emotions, encouraging triumph over challenges, offering social support, we can encourage self-efficacy and successful self-management.
  2. How you move: All activity counts, from taking a walk to having an active job. Developing our fitness not only improves our strength, balance, and comfort, but also benefits important internal functions. We know that movement is sometimes complicated by chronic conditions, but believe that even if you start slow, momentum can grow with time and guidance.
  3. How you eat: Nutrition impacts all aspects of life from physical energy to stamina. The long-term benefits of a healthy diet continue to stand out in medical science as vital tools for disease management and prevention. Thankfully, choosing “healthy food”—that is food without chemicals or excess processing—has become easier and more mainstream. But we also understand that meals often serve as the center of social interactions. Enjoying healthy food is easier than you might think.
  4. How you react and feel: Emotional health is essential to your best overall health and is made up of many elements including resiliency, self-care, and the quantity and quality of time with trusted relationships. Internal factors, like self-doubt or lack of confidence, can impact your overall health and happiness. External factors may also become obstacles, like stress with your job, finances, or relationships. Loneliness and isolation are well known risk factors for a lower quality of life and can negatively impact medical conditions. But also, things can happen that are beyond our control. MOBE operates from a place of support and we’re equipped to help you through these challenges—life can be richer on the other side of adversity, but we all need help to get through it.
MOBE is driven by the profoundly human idea that a whole-person approach makes all the difference.

Behavioral change and forming new habits can be intimidating or challenging to achieve, but it can be done with a whole-person approach that looks at the whole picture. MOBE does this together, with you, which is what makes us different by design. Difficult challenges offer exceptional rewards. Most importantly, we understand the process behind lasting change and health restoration. It takes an active process to reach your best self, and our expertise is helping others grow those skills within themselves. We approach it with an honest, intentional commitment from the beginning. We not only believe that you can achieve your best health, but that you deserve to be your happiest, too.

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