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What to Expect From Your First Call with a MOBE Pharmacist

Whatever questions or concerns you have about medications, a MOBE Pharmacist is ready to help you address them. Maybe you’d like to reduce the number of medications you take, find more convenient alternatives, or avoid certain side effects. Or perhaps you’d like to find out whether your medications are working correctly or if they’re causing health issues. Together, you and your MOBE Pharmacist can set realistic goals and expectations—and make a plan to reach them.

Prepare a list of what you’re currently taking.

During your first call, your MOBE Pharmacist will review all your medications. You can make the most of your time by preparing a list in advance. Be sure to include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Herbal products
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary supplements

Your Pharmacist can help you figure out if a medication is working for your health, if there are any risks of your medications interacting with each other, and if your medications all work well together to support your health goals. You can share this information with your health care provider to help you get better results from your medications.

Think about the topics you’d like to discuss.

Before your first meeting with a MOBE Pharmacist, spend some time writing down questions you have about the medications you use. Areas of discussion might include:

  • Health history. If you were recently diagnosed with a health condition, you might have questions about what treatments are available or what medications are best for you. You may wonder how your new medication is different from something you've tried in the past—or if it will interact with one you already take for another condition. You may also wonder what to expect from a new medication over time and how it will help your symptoms.
  • Effectiveness. Sometimes you might suspect a medication isn’t working for you anymore, or that a new medicine you’ve just started doesn’t make you feel any different. You can ask your Pharmacist how to know if your medicine is working the way it’s intended to, or if you still need it.
  • Side effects. If you are experiencing a new side effect like dry mouth, digestive difficulties, or headaches, you can ask which of your medicines might be causing it. You can also talk about the likelihood of side effects related to medications you take in the future.
  • Convenience. You can discuss if there are better ways to take your medications, so they work the best and don’t cause side effects. You can also learn more about food and drug interactions. If cost is a concern, you can discuss potential alternatives or cost saving strategies.

After your first call, your Pharmacist will provide a summary of your conversation. And they can work directly with your health care providers on any recommendations you want to explore.

It’s about more than medication.

With your MOBE Pharmacist, medications are just the beginning. You’ll also explore how those medications are connected to other areas of your health: eating, sleeping, moving, aging, and feeling happy. Some lifestyle changes can alter the way your body reacts to medication, even one you’ve taken for years.

As you prepare for your first call with your MOBE Pharmacist, don’t limit your thoughts to your current medications, but consider your overall health goals—and how medications may play a key role in reaching them.

A licensed MOBE Pharmacist can help you minimize risks and make the most of your medications—including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbals, and supplements. Get started today.