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See what MOBE can do.

Every journey with MOBE is different. But in a recent survey of past participants, we found many people shared similar thoughts about their experience with the MOBE Guided Self-Management Program.

85 Percent

85% of participants say their Guide has helped them make changes to the way they live their life.

98 Percent

98% of participants describe their Guide as knowledgeable and helpful.

96 Percent

96% find their MOBE Guide appointments convenient.

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Be inspired by MOBE stories.


Matthew wasn’t sure where to turn for help. But even in remote Alaska, MOBE had his back.


Colleen knew she wanted to make a change, but she couldn’t do it alone.

Because of MOBE, Rich was empowered to talk with his doctors about his medications and why he was taking them.

When Raine made that first call to her MOBE Guide, it was nothing like what she expected. It was better.

Real-life success stories

MOBE participants share their experiences with MOBE Guided Self-Management:

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I feel empowered to make choices now, together, with my doctors.”

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I have learned how to recognize my pain, like I now have control of a power button that lessens my pain.”

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I now know the why behind things and the knowledge of how my body works and changes.”

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I don’t feel alone. I feel like I have someone walking this path with me. I’m blown away.”

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MOBE helped educate me to ask why am I taking all these medications and what will it require to get off them?”

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For a long time, I felt like my health was spiraling downward. With MOBE, I feel like I’m in better control.”

Your success story begins here.

A selfie of Todd with his wife and two sons in a waterfront park.

War on Blackberries:
Todd’s MOBE story

Todd was having a challenging year. After taking care of his ill father, his own health began to spiral. He had gained some weight, his rheumatoid arthritis had worsened and any exercise regimen was far from routine.

Todd knew he wanted to make a change. That’s when he decided to call MOBE.

After regular conversations with his Guide for a few months, Todd noticed differences in his daily life.

He couldn’t pinpoint the exact shift, but he was looking for ways to get his body moving. Looking for opportunities to exercise.

Meanwhile, as they did every year when summer turned to fall, the blackberry vines in his hilly backyard started their march to conquer the fence-line and claim his deck as their rightful domain.

A year ago, Todd would have hired someone to deal with the blackberries creeping toward his deck.
Not this year. Not this Todd.

“Rather than making that call to the landscape company, I got some tools and thick leather gloves and got to work.”

That small shift in perspective led to one of the most fulfilling seasons of Todd’s life.

Slowly and steadily, he worked in the yard for weeks. One afternoon, his 15-year-old son grabbed some clippers and joined him. They talked about school and girls as they hacked away at the vines. Eventually, his 12-year-old wanted in on the action, too. It was then that Todd realized this wasn’t about the blackberries.

Todd jokes that maybe his Guide knew the healing powers of the blackberries. But his Guide isn’t a mystic; she’s a woman who listened, made small suggestions and supported his daily strides.

Today, Todd is more active, eats better and has the renewed desire to live healthier. After consulting with his doctor, he even dropped three medications. But what he’s most proud of is the strengthened bond with his family and the example he’s setting for his sons.

Thanks to MOBE, Todd has changed his perspective. Now he asks what he can do to shape his life.

These stories are real examples from people who have participated in the MOBE program, but may not be typical. Because every individual is unique, each situation is distinct. Results will vary based on factors including individual goals and participation levels.

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